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Radiant Medical & Aesthetics Clinic

Radiant Medical Clinic opened for business in Autumn of 2008 with the aim of providing high class treatments and service in skin care and beauty. The emphasis was and remains to maintain the highest professional standards.

Radiant is an owner managed business. Tanyawan Ketkan had worked for many years in the beauty and skin care business when the opportunity arose to to make use of the knowledge and experience she had gathered to create her own boutique clinic.

The clinic is located in Phuket Town the commercial centre of Phuket. This was a deliberate move for two principal reasons. First to distinguish it from the outlets purporting to offer similar services in the tourist hot spots and also to give clients an opportunity they might not otherwise have enjoyed of viewing Phuket old town with its distinctive architecture and local shopping opportunities. To help facilitate this Radiant provide free pick up and return to the clients hotel or home.

Radiant offers the full range of treatments and procedures expected of a skin care clinic. It strives to acquire the most updated technology.It has two doctors,supported by a team of registered nurses to give the proper care need to maintain and improve the oveerall health of skin. You will always be evaluated by specilalized skin doctor.Radiant only use FDA approved pharmaceuticals,cosmeceuticals and equipment for all treatment.

Weight Control Slimming

Burn Fat Meso Burn Fat

Dehydrated skin is dry and sensitive.

Jetpeel Treatment,Radiant Refresh, Beauty Treatment,Radiant Power C+,Made & Collagen,Meso Science Filler

Take care of aging

Botox ,Dermal Filler,CICU Fractional Laser Collagen,Meso science Filler,Made & Coolagen

The acne

Sensipeel, Body Sensipeel , I-Pulse Laser,CICU Fractional Laser , Detox Touch&glow

Cutera CoolGlide Laser Hair Removal

Laser Long Pulse Nd yag imported from America. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, Europe and Thailand are safe. And high performance

An innovative firming

Innovation is the only one used in the Face Without Surgery Ulthera.

Our Services

Botox Filler treatment in Phuket

A BOTOX® treatment is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that smooths the wrinkles – which develop over time – on your face. It’s a 10-minute treatment
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Made Collagen treatment

Made Collagen (MADE & Collagen) consists of two parts, the drug is 'The Garden' and 'collagen'.
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Fractional Co2 Laser treatment

A laser that fixes the problem of surface is not smooth. Acne scars, large pores, skin or those who prefer small wrinkles around the eyes.
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Coolglide Laser treatment in Phuket

The remaining varicose veins or expansion. The face, trunk and limbs caused by many reasons.
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Meso Burn Fat treatment in Phuket

Meso Burn fat is the fat one, which has properties degradation of fat. And cellulite accumulation in the fat layer.
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Full Face treatment in Phuket

The only cure once and you will gradually see the therapeutic effect gradually. And to see the effect clearly continued.
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